Should you have a garage sale?

Almost everyone wants or needs extra money.

Especially now with the developing 2021 Recession triggered by the spread of the Coronavirus, COVID-19.

Are your bills piling up or you just need some extra cash and think a garage sale will help but don't know where to start? The following questions and answers will help you decide whether or not a garage sale is a good idea for you.

This chart might also help you decide if you should have a garage sale.

First, a garage sale can be a life-changing event ... really

Holding a garage sale makes you realize that no one else values your treasured and valued possessions like you do.

Before the garage sale you had a collection of valued and treasured possessions that you paid your hard-earned money for and may have spent your valuable time researching the best buy and agonized over the decision to buy or not.

Then, going through closets you realize the amount of money you've wasted over the years with impulse buying.

Then you watched as people inspected your possessions with unappreciative looks, at best, and left without buying anything.

You are left wondering why your stuff isn't good enough to even give away! Why did you value it so much? Why did you buy it in the first place? Why does your life revolve around the struggle to earn money to buy stuff that, in the end, has no value?

Some people's lives have changed with this realization.

Ready? OK, let's ask some more questions...

What is the purpose of your garage sale?

Do you want to just get rid of some clutter or do you want to make as much money as you can in the process?



A garage sale provides a great lesson in life skills for your children

Use the opportunity of holding a garage sale to help teach your children valuable life skills. They can have their own table of toys, books, clothes, etc to sell or they could run their "lemonade stand". Life skills would include:



First, the 5 best tips for a successful garage sale

You have to devote time to all 5 to have a successful garage sale.

When is the best time to have it?

Photo by: Bud the Teacher

Well, unless it's the middle of winter and your letter box is under 2 feet of snow. If you wait for 5 years, your junk will also be out of date and old fashioned and harder to sell. By having it now or this year, at least your junk will still be in fashion and in demand which means it will be easier to sell at a higher price.

Are you able to have other people help you?

It's really hard to prepare for and run a garage sale on your own. It's also risky from a security point of view. Are you able to enlist the help of at least one other adult to help prepare and run your garage sale with you? It's easier, safer and much more fun if you can have three or four adults to help. Here are some ideas if they need encouragement:

If you have a toddler - can you organize a baby-sitter?

Don't try to run a garage sale at the same time as trying to look after your toddler. Apart from not being enjoyable, it isn't safe.

Are you covered for accidents?

Check that you are covered for accidents by your renters/home owners insurance. If your garage sale is a one-time event for the sole purpose of selling unwanted personal items, your home-owners policy is likely to provide liability coverage. Check you have enough. If your garage sale is a regular weekly or monthly money-making event, your homeowners policy may not cover you and you may need business insurance instead.




Can you have a garage sale in your area?

Check if your local government has restrictions on garage sales. Hopefully, you can call or email someone with these questions:

Can you have a garage sale when you want to?

If you already have a date in mind:


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