(Without a garage sale)

Easy ways to make extra money

Almost everyone wants or needs extra money.

Especially now with the developing 2021 Recession triggered by the spread of the Coronavirus, COVID-19.

There are many justifiable reasons to want or need extra money.

There are only two ways to find extra money:

  1. Increase your income.
  2. Decrease your expenses (or desire less).

Decreasing your expenses, wanting less, cutting costs and being more frugal can only go so far in today’s society.

So, that only leaves increasing your income. An open-ended "sky's the limit" option.

But how?

Get a "side hustle", be part of the "gig economy". Nearly 4 in 10 Americans (37 percent) have a side job according to a BankRate survey. Side hustlers surveyed by BankRate make $686 per month, on average but realistically, 49% make up to $200 a month.

While the rest of this site describes how to make extra money from hosting a garage sale, this page lists other ways to make extra money. These are not get rich quick schemes or even be suitable for you but may give you an idea for further investigation to help you make extra money.


Start making extra money today...


Disclaimer: While I have not tried all these ways to make extra money, at the time of writing, I had checked each website individually to ensure it appeared to be a legitimate method of making extra money. However over time, terms and conditions can change, business ownership can change, business models can change. So, always do your own research to check it's a suitable option for you and be suspicious of any site that requires you to pay to join.

In a some cases I have also used affiliate links. This means I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you if you sign-up for that particular service or purchase the product. This is a means of supporting this website. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

By performing tasks and getting cash rebates or gift cards

Definitely not "get rich schemes" but these are quick and easy ways to start earning some extra "pocket money", cash rebates or gift cards. Most of these can't be considered a "job" but just logging in to your favorite sites once a day for maybe 10-20 minutes will fill in some spare time and add to your account. Research all sites before signing up to make sure you are happy with the terms and conditions and expected return on your time.


Cash-back shopping rewards

Shop online and receive cash-redeemable points. The provider earns a small commission when you buy something via their link, and they split that commission with you. Win-win. Some popular sites are:


    For more info...

How To Earn Swagbucks: Earn Swag Bucks Quickly to Earn Gift Cards and Cash!


Get paid after shopping

Just take a photo of your receipt and you get cash or gift cards for popular retailers! Yes, you get paid to shop. Here are some apps to try:


Watch videos

Earn points watching videos at sites like:


Play online games

Yes, that's right at sites like:


Surf the web

Earn points while you search and surf the web at sites like:


Test websites and apps

Here's you chance to tell companies what they are doing wrong with their website and apps - and get paid to do it.


Online Juror

Earn cash for giving your opinions on pre-trial legal cases. Review the facts, answer the questions and decide if someone is innocent or guilty.


Get paid for being healthy

Earn points for walking, tracking your food, or taking health surveys.


Review music for money

Listen to music from unsigned bands and artists and get paid for your reviews.


Automatically get reimbursed for price changes

The Paribus app checks your email receipts from Amazon, Target, Walmart, Costco, and many more major retailers and if a product’s price has since been reduced Paribus will request a refund automatically on your behalf. You don’t have to do a thing!


Online surveys

Earn cash and rewards for sharing your thoughts and opinions. This is one of the most popular ways anyone can earn money on the side. While the payouts can vary, simply answer online surveys or product tests and make money from home in your own time and hours.

Some tips on how to get the most out of the best online survey sites:

Sign up for as many legitimate survey site you can. Not all surveys are equal. You may not qualify for some, others may be too long or too hard. Instead of waiting for the right one to come along from your favorite survey site, increase your opportunities of completing surveys by signing up for as many legitimate ones as you can find. If you don't like any, unsubscribe.
Complete as many surveys as you can each day. The more you do, the more you will earn. Some surveys are also only valid for a day. Fill in your profile fully to get the maximum number of surveys
Use a separate alias email account. Don't use you personal email account as there is a chance you will give your email to a dodgy survey site that is just farming email addresses for spammers. Your alias account will also keep your personal account uncluttered.
Check how long points are valid for. Points earned on some sites are only valid for a limited time to use and then are removed from your account.
Be honest. You can be penalised for giving contradicting or inadequate responses or obviously rushing through the survey.
Cash in early. Unless you are going for a big amount for an extra bonus, cash in your points as soon as you reach the threshold amount.
Be wary of scams. Not all survey sites are equal. Search for the reviews of the survey site to ensure the survey site has a loyal following, pays out on time. The best online survey sites will reward you for doing a range of things such as browsing the internet, watching videos, competing surveys, giving your honest opinions or products and services, reading emails, etc. How to spot a dodgy survey site:

Some of the most popular online survey sites include:


Mystery Shopping

A mystery shopper involves you posing as a "shopper". You are paid to visit a local brand store as a regular customer would, and report back on various aspects of their experience. In return for your work, you’ll receive a shopper payment and/or a reimbursement for free purchases or meals.

But, like online surveys, watch out for scams:

A Mystery Shopping company I recommend is:


Market Research & Focus Groups


Give referrals for a cash bonus

Check with you local businesses, realtors, travel agents, car dealers and trades and ask if they have a referral program or will pay for someone else’s contact information. Then chat with your friends and keep an ear out for anyone needing a particular service or product. Either check if they are OK for you to pass their contact details onto the business or give the contact details of the business and get them to say you referred them 'for a good deal'. Everyone wins.



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By selling something specific

You may have decided it just isn't worth the hassle of holding a garage sale but you still have some specific things you want to sell to make some extra money.

There are the well known sites you can use to "sell anything", Ebay, Craiglist, Etsy, Facebook Marketplace, NextDoor, OfferUp, etc but here are some ideas on what and where to sell specific items. Some ideas you just couldn't or wouldn't sell in a garage sale anyway.


Unused Gift Cards

If you have received a gift card you’re not going to use, you can sell it through sites like:


Old electronics

An old smartphone or other electronics can be sold at sites like:



Consignment stores who accept like-new clothes, shoes and accessories will return you a portion of the final sale price. Do it online at sites like:


Used Books

Stores that buy or help you sell your used books are:


    For more info...

How To Sell Used Books On Amazon: A Passive Income Series



Video games, DVDs and CDs

Stores that buy Video games, DVDs and CDs are:


Your Hair

If you have a lot of it try:



Breastmilk can be bought and sold online through these sites:



If you are healthy and meet the eligibility criteria.


Video footage of news-worthy events

News and broadcast media outlets may buy your footage through a free app called ScoopBroker.


Your Study Notes

Through sites like:


    For more info...

The Key to Making Money on Craigslist: How I Make Thousands in My Spare Time

Fast Cash: Flipping Used Items: How to Make a Great Second Income by Selling Used Items from Garage Sales, Yard Sales, Thrift Shops, and Flea Markets (Almost Free Money)



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By renting out something

The problem with selling stuff in a garage sale is that once you've sold it, you can't sell it again and again and again to keep the extra money rolling in. It would be better if people paid you money to 'borrow' something of yours instead of selling it to them. That way you can keep lending it out for an ongoing income. The 'Airbnb' model of personal renting can be applied to almost anything that people need. Here are some ideas.


Rent out a room

Check your local regulations to ensure it's legal but you could rent a room to vacationers or friends via sites like:


Rent out your car

through these sites:


Rent out your garden

Rent out your garden as a campsite via:


Rent out your house

Rent out your whole house via sites like:


Rent the side of your car for ads

via sites like:


Rent out your clothes

Rent your clothing via sites like:


Rent out your storage space

Rent your extra garage, shed, basement or storage space via sites like:


Rent out unused household items

Rent unused household items via:


Rent out your music instruments or studio space

Rent out your music instruments or studio space via:


Rent out your sports equipment

Rent your sports equipment via :


Rent your grandma


    For more info...

Get Paid For Your Pad: How to Maximize Profit From Your Airbnb Listing

Make Money On Airbnb: How To Quickly And Easily Earn $2,500 A Month From Your Home (Make Money From Home Book 2)

Secrets of the Sharing Economy: Unofficial Guide to Using Airbnb, Uber, & More to Earn $1000's (The Casual Capitalist Series Book 1)



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By doing some chores or small tasks

Along the same lines as making extra money by renting out something you own, what about renting out yourself and your spare time? Minimal skills required.

Find quick jobs in your neighborhood or find some online. Minimal skills and time necessary. Jobs can be:

All are easy to start:


    For more info...

Official JuniorBiz Lawn Mowing Guide


You could also pick up tasks or chores via these sites:


    For more info...

Kids Can Make Money Too! : How Young People Can Succeed Financially--Over 200 Ways to Earn Money and How to Make it Grow

How To Make Fast Cash: Fun and Legal Ways To Earn More Money In A Weekend (Welcome Abundance) (Volume 1)

How to Make Money as a Kid: 49 Easy Ways for Kids to Start Making Money Today

My Mom is Not My Money: A Teenager's Guide to Earning Your Own Money



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By using your skills, talents or knowledge

We all have skills, talents or knowledge. Can you use them to start making a regular income on the side that could also develop into a full-time (or more) income? Here are some ideas on where you start.


If you have even a basic knowledge in a certain subject, there is a good chance you can find someone who needs your help. To start, here are some popular sites that enable you to create online lessons or provide online help:


    For more info...

Teach Online: Learn To Teach Online Using Your Skills And Earn An Extra Income (Online Business Collection Book 5)


Writing skills?

Freelance writing. Do you know enough on a subject to write an article that could be posted on someone's blog? .


    For more info...

Copyediting and Proofreading For Dummies

Side Hustle Blueprint (2nd Edition): How to Make an Extra $1000 in 30 Days Without Leaving Your Day Job!

Make Money from Non-Fiction Kindle Books: How to Maximize Your Royalties, Get Paid to Capture Leads and Rapidly Build a Successful “Backend” Business

33 FIVERR POWER TIPS - Featuring Proven Ways To BOOST YOUR SALES - QUIT YOUR JOB & Be a Fiverr Success selling online: tips for online arbitrage ... (Fiverr.Com -Fiverr tips Series Book 1)

Fiverr: Ways to Make Money Using Includes 25 Gigs You Can Use To Start Making Money Online Today


Know a second language?

Offer your services as a 'transcriptionist' or translator on sites like:


Have a knack of decluttering & organizing?

Like organizing? Offer your services on Fiverr to organize and declutter.


    For more info...

Real Life Organizing: Clean and Clutter-Free in 15 Minutes a Day

Spark Joy: An Illustrated Master Class on the Art of Organizing and Tidying Up (The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up)


Small office experience?

Virtual assistant helps a client with their book-keeping, answer their emails, send and chase up invoices, find and qualify leads, complete research, manage projects, and much more.



You can upload and sell your pictures on sites like:


Local knowledge?

Local Tour Guide. Do you know all about your local town? Be a local tour guide through Vayable


Like shopping?

A Mystery Shopper is when you are paid to act like a typical shopper at a specific store and provide feedback on your experience. Check the mystery shopping company is a member of the MSPA. Some companies are:


Design or artistic skills?

Create digital designs and upload them to these sites below to sell printed on t-shirts and other merchandise such as phone cases, mugs, tote bags, etc.


Other skills?

There are tens-of-thousands of freelance development jobs. Some jobs might only take 5 minutes while others require long-term contracts of weeks or months.


    For more info...

Make Money Online: Passive Income With Fiverr: Idiot Proof, Step-By-Step Guide (Make Money Online, Passive Income, How To Make Money Online, Make Money Online For Beginners)

$1,000 Per Month In Your Spare Time - 5 Legitimate Ways That You Can Make an Extra $12,000 Per Year Online



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By these easy-to-get-into jobs

Pick up a part-time job and start a side hustle from home to work as much or as little as you like. Most of these suggestions require you to have a reliable car or a computer or good with kids or animals but all are easy to start with little to no additional start-up costs.

Become a driver

Uber and Lyft let you drive people around. You can do this when you want and for as long as you want. The more you drive, the more you’ll make.


Deliver food

Like Uber or Lyft but for food. You pick up to-go/take-away orders from your local restaurants and food outlets and deliver it. Factoring in tips, this can be a quick earner.


Grocery shopping

Shop and deliver groceries for families, seniors, mobility impaired, etc. via these:


Party helper

A party helper helps the party's host enjoy their party. You would help set up before the event and clean up after the event. During the event you would work preparing food, clearing food and empty glasses, possibly serving food & drinks, greeting guests, etc. Events could be parties, picnics, dinners. And you get to eat the left-overs. Check out Party Host Helper or searching ‘party helper’ in your city for info on how to find opportunities.


Movie extras

Central Casting or searching ‘movie extras’ in your city for info on how to find opportunities.


    For more info...

How to become a movie extra: How to get into movies for beginners



Cuddling (defined as nonsexual touching) for friendship, relaxation, or therapeutic reasons, Cuddle practitioners are there to listen, comfort, console, encourage, and journey with you. Sites like Snuggle Buddies and Cuddlist list certified professional cuddlers.


People walker

A people walker walks with people to keep them company, feel safe, provide extra motivation, etc. Search for "People Walker" or start up a service in your city.


Earn cash while you commute to work

If you are driving from one side of town to the other and someone needs a parcel delivered along your route you could pick up and deliver a parcel for them. Go to Roadie.



Pet sitting could just require you to take the pet to your home for a weekend or week or going to someone’s house at least once a day to check on their pet or you might stay at the person’s home.


Baby-sitting and lists jobs like baby-sitting, child care, night-nannies, special needs care, senior care, pet care, housekeeping, etc. SeekingSitters and Sittercity are babysitting services.



House sitting can be just checking on people's house when they are away to pick up their mail or it could involve staying in their house to look after their pets and water the garden, etc. Try an online job portal such as


    For more info...

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So, there were some ways to start making extra money today. Find any of interest? There are no guarantees that any will be a success for you so do your research and be suspicious of any site that requires you to pay to join.



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