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Best garage sale tips to sell clothes

Avoid having clothes folded on the table

You'll be constantly refolding them after people rummage through them or pick one up to check the size. If you're planning on fussing over your 'shop' then this won't be a bother but can be if you're being run off your feet with sales.

Avoid putting clothes in a box for people to rummage through

All clothes should be hung up to make it easier to browse through and gives it more value compared to clothes than have been dumped in a box. A proper garment rack will showcase your clothes and make them easier to browse and be bought.

Other ways to hang clothes in your garage sale

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  • On a pole between two ladders but don't pack them in too tightly.
  • On a chain tightly between two points and place the hangers through the links. This will stop the clothes sliding into the centre if you had used rope.
  • Pinned on a sheet or blanket hung on a wall.

Divide clothes into size and type

This will make it easier for people to find all the clothes in the size they are looking for. Pin on large tags that show the size, type of material and price. This works well for the big seller - children's clothes, when a number of the same sized outfits are bundled together.

Try to include some clothes with bright and different colors

This will ensure the display doesn't look to dark and drab.

Always use cheap clothes hangers

People will expect the hanger to be included.

Try to place clothes in a shaded area

Bright sunlight will make the colors of the clothes dull.

Try to pair individual items as a matched set

You're more likely to sell matching items together than separately.


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