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Best pet strategies to boost sales

If you have a fun, novel or cute pet that doesn't mind strangers then bring it out

Photo by: Lucy Tartan

It will help to keep customers amused and a bit longer at your garage sale. You'll get favorable comments when people see your dog or cat walking around with a "Not for sale" sign on its collar!

But then...

  • No matter how cute your dog or cat is, some people are allergic to animal fur or just plain scared of dogs, especially small children (What I mean is some small children are scared of dogs, not some people are scared of small children. Although when I think about it, some can be scary).
  • You should also consider the safety of your pet. They can be easily injured by getting under the feet of people or in the way of cars or being a tripping hazard.
  • There is also the small risk of pet snatching.
  • Shoppers may also bring their own dog with them for a walk and it may not mix with your pet.

Use your pet to keep the kids occupied

If you have (or can borrow) a bird in a cage, position the cage low so children can see the bird. This will keep the children occupied allowing their parents to shop a bit longer. Don't forget the "Not for sale" sign on the cage. This also works with:

  • Fish in a large aquarium. (A small aquarium would be too easy to tip over)
  • Lizards or snakes in a (secure) glass enclosure.
  • Mice, guinea pigs or hamsters in a cage.
  • Rabbits in a hutch.

If your pet doesn't like or doesn't mix with strangers then lock it away

If your pet will be too noisy or be too much of a distraction then lock it away or see if a friend or relative can take your pet to their house for the day.


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