Best 'Lemonade Stand' Tips

Best garage sale lemonade stand tips

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I am using the term "Lemonade Stand" to mean where you could offer on a special table or stand:

A few years ago, a house had a garage sale on Halloween night to appeal to passing parents and also had a small sausage sizzle on the side. It has now become an annual 'ghoulish' sausage sizzle that is more popular and makes more money than the, now smaller side-line, garage sale.



Setting up tips (especially if the kids are looking after it)

Free or charge?



Use it as a fun learning opportunity for your kids

Older children (over 7 years old) can learn invaluable life skills.


Having said all that...


The Lemonade Stand Cookbook: Step-by-Step Recipes and Crafts for Kids to Make...and Sell!


Other money-making ideas to offer in a "Lemonade Stand" without selling food or refreshments

Don’t forget to mention your 'special stand' in your flyers and ads. You'll find some people will come just for your special stand.