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  • A guide to suggested prices for over 50 common items (including clothes, electrical, entertainment, kitchen & bedding).
  • How you can find out each item's bottom price to help set your best starting prices.
  • How to price items for second-hand dealers to maximize your sales AND your profits.
  • How to get the prices YOU want by increasing your bargaining power.
  • How not to lose money when buyers offer you money.
  • Bonus selling and haggling tips to make haggling and selling easier.
  • Plus 16 tricks buyers will try to use to get your prices down and how to turn the tables.
  • Plus 15 tips to increase YOUR bargaining power to help you get the prices you want.
  • Plus over 30 more tips to encourage shoppers to buy.
  • A sneaky trick you can use to attract more shoppers to your garage sale. More shoppers means more sales.
  • Sell more by putting these simple signs on your tables.
  • Over 40 tips on keeping yourself and money safe and to avoid being ripped off.
  • Tips on organizing a group/neighborhood/street garage sale. Bigger garage sale means more shoppers and that means more sales.
  • Crazy ideas to make extra money while having a garage sale.
  • How to make extra money by giving away your garage sale items!
  • Find out when to attract early birds and make them want to pay your prices!
  • Find out how to make extra money by getting shoppers to pay you for the privilege of shopping at your garage sale.
  • Find out how to make extra money by paying shoppers to shop at your garage sale! Works every time.
  • Plus Blank Inventory/Sales Record sheets and checklists ...


All these tips now for only US$4.95

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