Garage sale signs for the street that pull in the crowds

Garage sale signs for the street that pull in the crowds

First, place your garage sale signs safely, carefully and legally

Make a sign map

You will need street signs on every main street entry to your house within a mile (or 2 kilometres). Draw a rough map of your area to plan where your garage sale signs will need to go. Don't forget to cater for traffic going in both directions. This will usually require separate signs on each side of the road.

Your sign map will help you work out how many garage sale signs you will need and what direction the arrows need to be. Your sign map can also be used by your helpers in the morning to set up the signs for you and to take them ALL down at the end of your garage sale.

Below are some suggested locations for your signs at intersections.

Place your garage sale signs so drivers have time to turn

Place signs more than 30 yards/metres (or more depending on the speed limit) before the intersection so people can slow down and/or change lanes to safely turn. Place your arrow signs about 10 meters/yards from a corner. You can place your arrow signs right on the corner only if there is plenty of visibility leading up to the corner and there is no chance that a car will be parked before it blocking the view of people trying to find your sign.



You will need an "arrow" direction sign at EVERY corner

You want to make it as easy as possible for people to find your garage sale. Even if you have included the street name on your main street sign, people may not be bothered to come if they have to dig out their street directory to find you.

What to do on long streets?

If you have a long street, people will start wondering if they have gone past a corner sign after a few minutes. If this is likely, try one of these tips:

Make sure all you garage sale signs look similar

Customers will then know they are following your signs to your garage sale. Use the same colored background, lettering, decorations, etc.

A sneaky sign trick to really pull in the crowds

Place 3 or 4 different types of garage sale signs at an intersection. Drivers will think there are 3 or 4 different garage sales down that road!!

Now that would be worth turning down to have a quick look and they will only see your signs directing them to your sale.

Garage sale signs should be stiff and sturdy

Signs should be stiff and sturdy so they don't fold down in the slightest breeze. Some ideas for sign material are:



Garage sale signs should be readable and attention-getting

Cars will be passing your sign at 35 mph (60 kph). Look at the road-side signs and notice the size of the sign and the lettering. Note how small the lettering can be before it is unreadable from a car travelling at speed.


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Use Google's image search for garage sale sign design ideas

Search for "garage sale sign", "yard sale sign", "tag sale sign", etc.

Photo by: E. Bartholomew
Photo by: David Zahn

Gain attention by making your garage sale sign like a life-size cutout of a person holding your sign

These always get attention when tied securely to a street pole. Include a balloon or two for some extra attention-getting decorations. Use clipart for ideas. Here are some examples:


On your main street signs:

Advertising in a multi-cultural neighborhood

If you are in a multi-cultural neighborhood then consider including non-english signs too.



Secure your specially made bought yard sale signs

If you buy specially made yard sale signs there's a good chance they will be stolen by the end of the day unless you can secure them to a street sign, power pole or lamp post.

Try to prevent people removing your yard sale signs

Write on the bottom of your sign in small letters something like, "This sign will be removed on or before the evening of (insert the last day of your yard sale)". This may appease the authorities and also the owner of the property that you have placed your sign in front of.

Never staple or hammer signs to trees or street poles

Never attach a sign to a public street pole as this is against the law in most states. Nails or staples can damage safety equipment such as gloves and harnesses not to mention hands, arms and legs.

Car signs

Gain the attention of people who may not drive past your yard sale signs on the day



When to put out your street signs on the morning?

Put out your street signs only AFTER you have all your items out on the morning of your yard sale and you are ready to go. If you put the signs out before you are set up, you won't be ready for the early birds and opening rush.

A tip for when putting your yard sale signs out the night before

If you want to spend time setting up your yard sale signs the night before your yard sale but don't want to include your address on the signs to stop early birds finding your house - just leave a space on the sign for the address and have your address written or printed on suitably sized pieces of paper. Then in the morning while you check your signs, you just need to go around and tape the address on each sign.

Check your yard sale signs during the day

Have a helper check your signs during the day. They may have blown over or been removed or replaced by someone else's garage sale signs.

Don't do this

I have read some people suggesting "You can even employ your children to walk up and down a main thoroughfare advertising the event, carrying a placard much as they would for a political candidate or if they were on strike. The more noticeable the advertisement, the more likely you'll draw the curious."

It's not worth the risk and your kids are more useful at the sale helping you and learning how to interact with adults in a supervised setting.

Garage sale signs for in the garage that sell for you - 3 of 3



Place some large items in the front yard

Put out anything that can be seen from the street that you know will attract shoppers like bees to honey. Include these items in your ad & flyers. Items like a lawn mower, large electronics, exercise equipment, power tools, wood or building supplies. What about a book case full of books. Go to a second-hand book store and buy a load of books (at a bulk price) to fill the book case. You are sure to make up the cost with the extra sales you make.

Play dirty

Put out something attention-getting but you don't want to actually sell. Put a 'SOLD' or 'NOT FOR SALE' sign on it or a ridiculous price (who knows - someone might want to buy it at that price).

Play dirty 3

Put out a scantily clad mannequin

Give men something to do

Someone borrowed their friend's classic car and parked it on the front lawn to give the men something to look at while the 'women went shopping'. Often the men sent their wives back in to look some more while they chatted a bit more about the car.

Set up a small table at the front just with "men's stuff"

This could be jars of screws, nuts, bolts, washers, handy man tools, paint brushes, books, electronics, etc. This will give them something to look through while the women shop. It may be worth your while to buy cheap hardware items in bulk and put in jars to sell at a loss so the women can have more time to buy the items you want to sell.

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