Garage sale signs for in the garage that sell for you - 3 of 3


Place some large items in the front yard

Put out anything that can be seen from the street that you know will attract shoppers like bees to honey. Include these items in your ad & flyers. Items like a lawn mower, large electronics, exercise equipment, power tools, wood or building supplies. What about a book case full of books. Go to a second-hand book store and buy a load of books (at a bulk price) to fill the book case. You are sure to make up the cost with the extra sales you make.

Play dirty

Put out something attention-getting but you don't want to actually sell. Put a 'SOLD' or 'NOT FOR SALE' sign on it or a ridiculous price (who knows - someone might want to buy it at that price).

Play dirty 3

Put out a scantily clad mannequin

Give men something to do

Someone borrowed their friend's classic car and parked it on the front lawn to give the men something to look at while the 'women went shopping'. Often the men sent their wives back in to look some more while they chatted a bit more about the car.

Set up a small table at the front just with "men's stuff"

This could be jars of screws, nuts, bolts, washers, handy man tools, paint brushes, books, electronics, etc. This will give them something to look through while the women shop. It may be worth your while to buy cheap hardware items in bulk and put in jars to sell at a loss so the women can have more time to buy the items you want to sell.