Best garage sale layout tips to maximize sales

Like in every retail store, the layout and placement of your items is extremely important for your garage sale to be a success. The first impression should be of neatness and organization

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When you are setting up your sale:

You want customers to be able to:



Draw up a plan of where your tables are to go and how your items will be arranged on each table

If you have more than 2 tables it will be easier to pre-plan your table arrangements. Measure the sizes of the tables you will be using and the size of your garage, driveway and front yard so you can easily work out how best to arrange the tables rather than panicking on the day. While you are in a planning mood, it's also a good idea to mark how the items are to be arranged on each table. This will:

Make sure your garage sale doesn't appear disorganized, untidy and dirty

Same applies to your garage, house and front yard too. People will judge your sale by first impressions. Should they bother stopping or should they continue to the next garage sale on their list? Make sure your customers are presented with a welcoming and organized entrance from the street.

Shoppers are more willing or expect to pay more if a sale appears clean and organized. They'll, subconsciously, think that your merchandise has been looked after or well maintained during its life.

Encourage people to stop by letting them see what sorts of things you have for sale

Line your big items along your driveway or in the front yard and not tucked away in the garage. Having your display spill out onto the driveway and front yard also "softens" the barrier between your garage and the public which helps shoppers enter your "space".

Keep walk-through spaces between large items along your driveway or yard

This will enable shoppers to walk between large items so they can easily check it from all angles.

Make the front attractive and like a fun event:


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