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You need to decide whether you will station yourself at the entrance or at the back of your garage sale

This may not be a problem though as you will probably be up and walking around tidying up your displays and making your garage sale look busy during the day anyway. If you decide to position your 'checkout" at the entrance, this can be intimidating for people as they come in but:

If outside, set up a canopy or umbrella over your check-out table or where the cashier will be standing/sitting

Much more comfortable for the person and also helps shoppers see where they need to go to pay or ask questions. Also, I find it more pleasant haggling & dealing out of the sun.

Have a table or box of items for 50c or 25c each positioned near the entrance to your garage sale

Long narrow tables work best

People then don't have to reach over too far to reach items at the back or move things out of the way. Place larger items at the back and smaller items at the front of tables.

Arrange your tables in a U-shape

If your garage is big enough, set up your tables around the walls to form a u-shape. This will give you maximum free space in the centre for shoppers to walk around and pushers to be able to maneuvered.

Arrange your tables in an L-shape

If your garage is small, position tables on two walls to form an L-shape. This will still give with enough room for people to walk past others shoppers.



Arrange to avoid accidents

Have tables or areas in your garage with specific types of items

Have specific tables for kitchenware, toys, bedding & linen, baby items, clothes, electronics, hardware, etc. It is easier for people to find things if you have grouped like items together. It helps people mix and matching or finding complimentary items. It also helps you because you only need one mirror next to the clothes or a small mirror next to the jewelry or a table of electrical appliances near one power point.

Have tables or areas in your garage with specific types of items to be next to other complimentary areas

Position related areas next to each other to help lead shoppers to other tables and to keep related items together. For example:


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