Best garage sale customer service tips

Best garage sale customer service tips

Be prepared for all kinds of people to come to your garage sale

Don't judge a book by its cover

Make customers feel welcomed and at ease to browse



Keep conversations to a minimum

Stay calm

A garage sale can be very stressful. You (and whoever else is helping out) will be up late the night before getting ready and you won't get much sleep. You will be on the go from as soon as you get up at dawn dealing with all sorts of strange situations and people. It will be easy to get snappy and cranky. Customers will notice this and not feel comfortable staying around looking at your tables or approaching you to ask a question or to try making an offer.

This means no sales.

Hopefully you have a lot of helpers who can lessen the load and keep yourselves in a fun mood.

Be careful not to complain or talk about the bad manners or undisciplined children of a previous customer

You may be overheard by a customer who is sympathetic to the person you are complaining about and may not appreciate your attitude and leave.

Don't smoke at your garage sale

It will not only turn people off but they'll think all your clothes will probably smell of stale cigarette smoke too! If you need a cigarette, have others mind your garage sale while you go somewhere else.

Keep an eye on your customers

Don't watch your customers like a hawk as that will make them feel too uncomfortable but do keep a causal eye on them.



Offer a bag or box to wrap purchases

This is a friendly thing to do and often encourages the buyer to look a bit more now that there hands are free again. Other shoppers will notice and feel more comfortable in buying from you knowing you care. Also, offering to wrap a fragile or breakable item may just clinch the sale.

Be ready to offer distractions for tired or bored children

This will give their parents a chance to browse a bit longer and also keep the children occupied rather than them re-arranging your nicely arranged tables.

Make it easy for garage sale customers to buy

If you're having a group garage sale, make sure everyone who is authorized to do the selling and negotiating is clear if they can lower the price of the other party's items and, if so, they know what the lowest prices are. It can be frustrating for the customer if they have to wait while you keep checking with the item's owner if the offered price is OK or until the owner is free to negotiate directly.