Garage sale flyers that spread the word

You aren't restricted in space so garage sale flyers can be a great to get the word out

Use a headline to catch attention

Other headlines that have caught my attention or curiosity



Use Google's image search for flyer design ideas

Search for "garage sale flyer", "yard sale flyer", "tag sale flyer", etc.

Indicate if poor weather will cancel the sale

If you don't have enough protection if it rains/snows and will have to cancel the sale, include this on the flyer. Also include when you would plan to hold it again.

Warn people if your won't accept checks

If you have decided not to accept personal checks, include CASH ONLY.

Placement of general flyers

Early in the week, place flyers on:

Placement of targeted flyers

If you have specialized items, place your targeted flyers where these people are most likely to notice it. For example:


Include 'tear-offs' to make it easy for shoppers to remember your garage sale

Shoppers might notice your flyer on a notice board but not have a pen and paper to make a note of where it is. Make it easy for them by including tear-off sections at the bottom of your flyer with the "when, where & what" details. Snip in between each one to make it easy to tear off.

Always tear off 1 or 2 so people will think that because others are interested too it must be worth it. "Social validation" is a powerful tool.

Some tear-off ideas are to position them at the bottom of your flyer or down the sides or staple a bunch of pre-cut ones at the top of your flyer.

Most desktop publishing programs on computers these days will have templates you can use.